Royal Wedding guest homeless girl wears
a fascinator by Irresistible Headdresses
to go to the Royal Wedding
at Westminster Abbey

A young Bangladeshi woman known just as “Shozna”, whose story moved Prince William when he met her at a charity event, has been personally invited by him to his wedding to Kate Middleton on Friday.

Shozna, 20, who suffered a stroke two years ago, is now getting an elegant outfit made by Raishma Islam, a designer well known in Asian circles in London, with Irresistible Headdresses commissioned to make a stunning fascinator and Jimmy Choo shoes thrown in as well.

The charity, which seeks to help London’s homeless, is Centrepoint, which once had William’s mother, Princess Diana, as its chief patron.

William, who took over in 2005, never forgot he was introduced to Centrepoint by his mother. Two years ago, he tried sleeping out rough in the streets of London one exceptionally harsh night in the middle of winter, not as a PR gimmick, but to get first-hand experience of what life could be like for the capital’s down and outs.

Shozna was not homeless herself. But the East End girl went through a rough patch in 2009 after suffering a stroke, which left her paralysed on the right side of body and unable to speak. She was given help by Centrepoint and underwent intensive speech therapy and physiotherapy sessions.

William met Shozna at the charity’s gala event last summer. He did not forget what she had been through and invited her to his wedding. Those who know William say he has quite a lot of his mother in him.

Raishma, who was asked whether she could make an outfit for Shozna, went one better. “I have arranged for her to have a fantastic fascinator by Irresistible Headdresses, makers for celebrities, TV Personalities and film. The stunning fascinator was made with pure silk hand dyed roses, velvet pansies encrusted with swarovski crystals hand sewn on. Shoes by Jimmy Choo. It will mean several hours of pampering and Shozna deserves every minute.”

Shozna’s reaction was that of Cinderella: “I love everything! I can’t thank everyone who has donated everything enough. It has been the most exciting time of my life.”

Valerie Nunn of Irresistible Headdresses featured on BBC Sussex- The Royal Wedding

28th April 2011 - Valerie was featured on BBC Sussex The Danny Pike Show.

Hair and Makeup artist for Kate Middleton - The Royal Wedding

10/4/2011 - Our sister company, Gillian Katz of Your Wedding Hair and Makeup was recently featured on Channel 5 news twice asking her advice on Kate Middleton and The Royal Wedding and how Kate should have her hair. Should it be up or should it be down? That is the question that everyone is asking! They came to the studio filming Gillian showing lots of hairstyles that she believes would suit her beautifully. Kate Middleton is very feminine and has elegant long naturally wavy hair. We think something half up and half down very soft and gently curly would suit her beautifully!

We will have to wait and see!

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