Choosing The Right Wedding Hair Accessory Or Bridal Tiara For Your Hair

What to choose for your Big Day

With so many things to think about after you name the day, it's no wonder the Bride would worry about what to choose to wear in her hair. Going out to the shops and designers sometimes can only make you more undecided.

Should you have a tiara, a comb, a fascinator or a hair accessory? What will suit you? What will please you?

We have been working with Brides and Ladies going to a special event for over 20 years. We pride ourselves on being able to help you choose just the right piece. We have the experience to know what will suit your face shape and your hairstyle and of course the neckline of your dress. Also of course what kind of hair you have and what piece will stay in securely for the whole day. Do you have fine or extra thick hair? All these points we feel are extremely important to you because you want the headdress to be comfortable all day. Sometimes the Bride will choose a more formal piece for the Ceremony and then have a sparkly or more trendy hair accessory or fascinator for the evening. This is fun and easily chosen with us. We have worked with many celebrities who have totally trusted us to be able to help them like this.

When you go out to look for a headdress of any kind, you will usually have some idea of what you don't want but not always what you do want. With such a vast array of well over 1000 pieces in our Collection and on display, we always keep a couple of hours especially for you to try on many pieces and we always dress your hair first in roughly the style you fancy having on your Big Day. We give you the time to look and try and think. Giving you this time you need will make all the difference to you feeling satisfied and safe that you have chosen correctly and you will leave our Studio happy. There is never any obligation for you to buy even when you visit us.

We also visit many countries to keep up with the latest trends and fashions and we are constantly designing new stunning pieces for our Collection. So you will always find something new.

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