Pearls and how to take care of them

Some of our Ladies love pearls and some do not. If you are amongst the girls who do love pearls - as I do - you will want to look after them properly.

Many of our hair accessories and headdresses and of course our jewellery have pearls within the design. In fact, we are very often asked to make a headpiece to match a piece of jewellery that has been in the family and maybe the Bride wants something to mirror the pearl design.

We use Japanese pearls and freshwater cultured pearls. Try to keep your pearls away from Hair lacquer and put them back in their case when not in use. This helps them to keep their colour and lustre for longer. Pearls are organic gemstones that are vulnerable. Even cultured pearls with thicker coatings are more fragile than most other gemstones, so you should handle them gently and carefully to keep them in the best condition.

They will stay cleaner if you put them on after you have applied your makeup and perfume and wipe them before you put them away with a soft cloth.

The most important advice I can give is to wear your beautiful and lasting pearls and most definitely enjoy them! They are there for wearing!

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