Born in the East End of London Valerie Masters was passionate about singing and entertaining even from the tiny age of 4 years old when people would ask her grandfather to hold her up to the microphone and sing.

Her career started when she left school at 16 to join a well known Jazz Group, the Ray Ellington Quartet. She was auditioned by Dick Katz, the great pianist with the Group and who was awarded the title of Jazz Musician of the year in the 1960s and to whom Valerie later married.

Valerie travelled with the quartet until she ventured on a solo career internationally . She had her own radio show on Radio Luxembourg, the Valerie Masters Show. She was voted Top Girl of the North East when she had the series "The One o'Clock Show" and the series "Young At Heart" with Jimmy Saville, starred in countless TV Shows and series and Sunday at Winchester with Jess Yates, and appeared at the London Paladium on several occasions.

Valerie has appeared on film and TV and you would have seen and heard her in the series Secret Army, Seaside Special, the Singing Detective, the Wombles, the Faith Brown Show, the Stanley Baxter Show, Russ Abbott, Grace Kennedy and many others during the 1960s and 1970s.

During her time as a solo artist and entertainer she sang with Quincy Jones in the Tivoli Gardens, Sweden and Denmark and many other famous names including Shirley Bassey, Petula Clark, Cilla Black, Lulu, to name just a few.
She Led the BBC team singing to come first in the Nordring Festival in 1983 with their Winning Show.

She has also sung titles in many films including The Helion for John Hayman, who went on to work with Cubby Broccoli on the James Bond Films, Hobs Choice, The Wall with Bob Geldorf, Yentl with Barbara Streisand, Dutch girls with Timothy Spall and has also been heard on the TV singing American and British adverts/jingles such as Scottish Cheddar, Knorr Soups, Bangor Jeans, Tetley Teabags and many more, too numerous to mention! Since the passing of her husband Dick Katz Valerie is now married to the Property Owner and Theatrical Agent Tony Nunn the former great violinist.

With her knowledge and experience of glamorous show business and changing fashions through the years and her absolute passion for jewellery, this enables and inspires her to come up with the most beautiful elegant designs.

Her personality and flair shows through in each and every one of her designs and they are all made by her and her team with the utmost love and care as she throws her heart into them. Make an appointment with Valerie in her Studio and come out feeling happy and content.

Her partner and daughter TV and Film Hair and Makeup Stylist Gillian Katz have devised and designed something to suit every wedding hairstyle whether you have an updo, long or short hair style.

Valerie, Gillian and their team have a motto "You Are Our Star - Call - and Let us Make You Feel That Way!"

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