Bridal Tiaras

Perhaps you would like to wear your hair down in which case we would put your bridal tiara or hair accessory on a band. Stays in much more comfortably and won’t slip out of your hair. Just like the beautiful and elegant Bride on the left wore. Her Headdress was made with all freshwater cultured pearls and sterling silver. Fitted perfectly and sat comfortably in her hair all day long.

The stunning bride on the right also had her hair down and her tiara once again was made for her on a band. This is made with freshwater cultured pearls, semi-precious stones and swarovski crystal.

Not flashy or gaudy just elegant, perhaps a little understated but stunning for both of them nevertheless.

We have so many, different designs for all different hairstyles and we will take all the time in the world to get exactly the design that suits you. We have over 1000, yes 1000 in our collection and we can also make up a design you might have as an idea in your head. Or, we can design something especially for you.

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